[Shimokitazawa] Moon Art Night “Giant Moon Balloon”

下北沢 ムーンアートナイトの巨大月バルーン BLOG

 One day in September, I went to the Moon Art Night held in Shimokitazawa.
 I was able to see one of the giant moon balloons, but I couldn’t see the rabbit balloons because I didn’t know where to install them.
 The staff said, “You can recognize rabbits as soon as you walk along the tracks toward Daita,” and I walked toward Shindaita Station on the Keio Line. By the way, Daita Station is on the Odakyu Line, and NewDaita Station is on the Keio Line.
 No matter how you walk, it’s no surprise that you can’t see the rabbit.

 Aside from that, Tsuki-sama, it was beautiful. It is quite an event. The moon evokes romance, doesn’t it?


 Pancakes from the Hoshino Coffee shop I stopped by that day. This was also round and delicious, like the moon.

Moon Art Night Shimokitazawa | MOON ART NIGHT SHIMOKITA (moonartnightfes.com)