[Setagaya] Kibana cosmos blooming in the harsh heat

残暑の中に咲くキバナコスモス BLOG

 In 2023, around Tokyo on Earth, the consecutive midsummer days stopped at 64 days, and the temperature dropped for two days, but on this day, the heat returned again.
 However, mornings and evenings have become much easier to spend, and even when I walk outside during the day, I somehow feel the signs of autumn in the wind and light.

 On the usual walking path, many yellow and orange Kibana cosmos bloomed, and they bloomed vigorously under the strong sunlight, befitting the flower language of “wild beauty”.
 About a month ago, there were many orange flowers, but recently it seems that the number of yellow flowers has increased. Just as the color of hydrangea flowers changes depending on the acidity of the soil, does the color of Kibana Cosmos flowers have any effect?

 Autumn is almost here, but we are already thinking about the harsh summer of next year. There is a term for cold summer, but such a word may disappear. Will the summers continue to be harsh? When I think about it, I’m horrified. We all need to work together to prevent that from happening.
 Global warming has been warned about since childhood. It’s a reality, and I think I have to do what I can now. Use eco-bags as much as possible, separate garbage in detail, and avoid unnecessary use of water and air conditioning. We will gradually expand what we can do from familiar places.

 Also, I think it’s important to cherish the city, the country, and the earth, and to draw a good image for the future.

 Let us live tomorrow as if we were sowing the seeds of a prosperous future.