[Setagaya] Greenway Walk ~Autumn Flower Garden~

緑道散歩 秋の花園に舞うアゲハ蝶 BLOG

 Photographed in early October 2023.
 A beautiful autumn has arrived around Tokyo around the earth. It’s the best season to spend.
 Insects such as butterflies and bees seemed to be active in this cheerful manner.

緑道散歩 秋の花園に舞うアゲハ蝶
緑道散歩 秋の花園に舞うアゲハ蝶
緑道散歩 秋の花園 ケイトウ
緑道散歩 秋の花園 サルビア
緑道散歩 秋の花園 キバナコスモス
緑道散歩 秋の花園 ねこじゃらし
緑道散歩 秋の花園 白爪草
緑道散歩 秋の花園に舞うアオスジアゲハ