[Around Fukuoka on Earth vol.2] Astragalus family


 The photo was taken by Fukuoka-based photographer KENRO. KENRO is a master at cutting out nature artistically.
 Today, I would like to introduce the flowers of the Astragalus family from the photos sent to me. 

 First, Astragalus azalea.
 It is said that the name comes from the appearance of a flower that forms a ring at the tip of the branch that looks like a lotus.

Astragalus azale

 Below is Mitsuba-tsutsuji (Rhododendron dilatatum) with a mysterious purple color.

Mitsuba-tsutsuji (Rhododendron dilatatum)
Enkianthus perulatus

 Next is Enkianthus perulatus.
 Even plants of the same Ericaceae family are quite different from rock azaleas and lotus azaleas, and they bloom cute flowers shaped like lily of the valley. In spring, white flowers bloom as shown in the photo, but in autumn, the leaves turn bright red.

 Also, the origin of why the Enkianthus perulatus is written as a full sky star (full sky star) is also romantic. If you are interested, I recommend reading it from the link below.
What is Enkianthus perulatus (full sky star))? The origin of the name and the reason why it became a full star

  Finally, the azalea I photographed. The exact type is unknown. It was beautiful under the lights in the flower bed.