[Around Fukuoka on Earth vol.7] Marrero

マレロ ピンクのカサブランカ BLOG

 From around Fukuoka on the earth, this time a photo of a large beautiful pink lily was sent. The photo was taken by KENRO, a photographer living in Fukuoka.

マレロ ピンクのカサブランカと言われることが多い
Marrero Often referred to as the pink Casablanca.
マレロ ピンクのカサブランカ

 This large pink lily is often referred to as the pink Casablanca, but Casablanca means “white”, so it is precisely a variety called “Marrero”, not Casablanca.

 Marrero’s flower language is “wealth and prosperity,” and as the word suggests, it is a large and graceful lily.

(The top illustration is from Illustration AC)

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