[Around Fukuoka on Earth vol.8] Cosmos

コスモスのイラスト BLOG

 From around Fukuoka on the earth, this time it’s autumn cherry blossoms ,cosmos.
The photo was taken by Mr.KENRO, a photographer living in Fukuoka.

 In the area where I live in Tokyo, there are many yellow flower cosmos in bloom, but pink, red, and white cosmos are rarely seen. In Kyushu, where I was born and raised, many cosmos bloom, so for me, it is a flower that invites nostalgia.

 I was born in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, and I remember that there was a cosmos field near the one-story house where I lived until I was three years old. No, I was still a small child, so I doubt whether I really remember it.
 There was a photo taken of me in my parents’ arms, and an aunt in the neighborhood side by side in the cosmos field, and I saw that photo many times. Maybe that’s why I feel like I have memories of those days.

 There is a possibility that my memory was fabricated from the photograph, so to speak, but the cosmos field is one of my original landscapes. The cosmos were taller than me when I was still young, and somewhere within my small field of vision I still have the feeling of walking through a vast cosmos field that seemed to be buried in flowers. A cosmos field with gentle colors like a dream.


Cosmos flower language: “Harmony, sincerity”

From Rikuo Natsume’s Flower Words Notebook

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