[Setgaya]”Flower of Will” Hollyhock


 One day in May, hollyhocks were in full bloom along the usual walking path in Setagaya Ward.
 The intention to rise upwards,Hollyhock. The white, pink and red hollyhock flowers swayed in the evening breeze and were beautiful like a dream.

 A long time ago, when I was studying for my entrance exams, there were many rows of white hollyhock flowers near the house where I lived at the time.
 A long stem rises toward the blue sky, and above it, large, pure white flowers sway. The dignified appearance of the flower and the strong, vertical appearance of the flower without any pillars made me feel the will to rise. That’s how I came to call Tachibana the “Flower of Will”.

 Both in the past and now, when I look at the Hollyhock, the figure that stretches upwards lifts my spirits.