[Tokyo] Public art within a 10-minute walk from Yaesu Exit

東京駅八重洲口 グランルーフ(グランスタ八重洲) BLOG

 One day in August, the area around Tokyo on Earth has been cloudy for the past week or so, and the temperature has dropped somewhat, making it easier to spend. It seems that the body and mind, which were full of summer fatigue, have been repaired thanks to it.

 So, with my revenge the other day, I went to Tokyo Station to enjoy the scenery around the station.
 There are many public art around Tokyo Station, including “Tenchi Sozo” (*), and it is difficult to see them all at once. Therefore, I plan to watch it several times in the future.

 This time, I have seen public art near the Yaesu Exit and Marunouchi Exit, each within a 10-minute walk from the station, but in this article, I will focus on public art near the Yaesu Exit. (The article near Marunouchi will be published at a later date) 

東京駅八重洲口 パノラマ写真
Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit Area Panoramic Photo

Granroof (2013 Helmut Jahn)

 I thought that the commercial facilities leading from the station and the white roof extending from them looked like a ship, but the design concept is “a crystal tower and a sail of light wrapped in light.” A big ship unfurling the sails of light. It is a concept that is poetic and gives a sense of impetus to the future.

Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit Grand Roof

 The Grand Roof (*) was designed by world-renowned architect Helmut Jahn. If you are interested in architecture, we recommend that you read the details from the link below. It seems that environmental efforts are also being made.
Reference: Yaesu Grand Roof|Tokyo Station CityCity 

The Grand Roof, together with the Grand Roof Front (an area lined with restaurants and cafes), has been renamed Gransta Yaesu since July 2023.


 The building “YANMAR TOKYO” of agricultural equipment manufacturer YANMAR. It’s not public art, but I personally like it very much, so I picked it up. The side of the building is planted with grass that seems to imitate rice (probably), and the building has a unique appearance. The red tractor on display in the showroom on the first floor is also cute and eye-catching. 
 In addition to restaurants and shops, there is a rice gallery, and videos and exhibits introducing people and their activities that embody Yanmar’s values HANASAKA. This seems to be worth a try.
Reference: Yanmar (yanmar.com)


STAR(2022 Tokujin Yoshioka)

 Tokujin Yoshioka’s “STAR” was installed on the Sotobori Street side of Tokyo Midtown Yaesu. Tokujin Yoshioka is an internationally acclaimed artist who also worked on the relay torch for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


 This huge sculpture of 10 meters in length brings together the rods of stainless steel mirrors as if crystallized, creating a “sculpture of light” that shines.
The rods of more than 2,000 stainless steel mirrors molded in an octagonal shape reflect sunlight randomly and integrate with the environment, reflecting sunlight during the day, turning it a beautiful amber color in the sunset, and reflecting the light of the night scene.
This shining star expresses the wish for peace so that the world can become one.

QuotationSTAR | WORKS | Tokujin Yoshioka Design Office – TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA

 When I read the description of the work, I want to see how it changes its brilliance in the sunset or in another season. What is it like, especially around Christmas?

Mountain range(2022 Takashi Kuribayashi)

 The photo below is Takashi Kuribayashi’s “Mountain range” (= mountain range) installed in Yaesu Central Tower. It’s an artificial mountain in the city.
 I’m sure this kind of thing is loved not only by children, but also by adults. As I watched, 90% of the people passing through the passage under the building passed through the mountains.

 Takashi Kuribayashi is a contemporary artist who was influenced by his stay in Germany, which has a history of being divided into East and West, and continues to work with the theme of “boundaries.”
 Reference source:Takashi Kuribayashi – Wikipedia
 Maybe this man-made mountain has immeasurable intentions on me…
 But leaving that aside, it’s fun art to look at. Take it easy and enjoy art.

 As I walked around the Yaesu Exit, I deeply felt that it is important for the station and the city to be not only functional, but also beautiful. And that it is in harmony with nature.
 Walking through the beautiful scenery is refreshing and inspiring.

 Most of the public art at Tokyo Station that I was able to photograph this time was made recently, but next time I visit, I would like to pay attention to the old public art as well.
(Marunouchiguchi edition of the same day shooting will be released soon)

※Stained Glass “Creation of Heaven and Earth”: This work is the starting point of the public art business developed by the Japan Traffic Culture Association.
Original illustration and supervision: Ichiro Fukuzawa
JR Tokyo Station Bay Road (Keiyo Line connecting passage) wall Completed in October 1972.
Public Art|Tokyo Station “Tenchi Creation” (Ichiro Fukuzawa)|Japan Traffic Culture Association (jptca.org)