[Sasazuka] Summer Festival -Yosakoi Parade-

笹塚サマーフェスティバル2023 よさこい BLOG

 This time, I uploaded the video to Instagram first, and the blog update was slow, but I recorded a video of the Yosakoi parade of the “Sasazuka Summer Festival” held on July 28th and 29th, so I will upload it here as well.

 In the strong wind, Yosakoi’s energetic dance, as if blowing an even stronger wind, was wonderful, and it was a moment when both the dancers and the audience enjoyed it with a sense of unity. Everyone has a really nice smile.

 I love dance in general and have been obsessed with jazz dance, but this was the first time I saw Yosakoi in front of me, and I thought that if I had met Yosakoi as a teenager, I might have joined the Yosakoi circle.
 By the way, “Yosakoi” seems to be a change of “Come at night”.

 I’m looking forward to next summer’s night.