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 I suddenly thought that today was a lucky day, and I suddenly wanted to get my hair cut, so I went to the hair salon on the last Sunday of Golden Week.
When I was looking for a nearby beauty salon at Hot Pepper Beauty, I found a shop called “CANNES” near Sasazuka Station. I made a reservation right away.

 When I was greeted by a gentle hairdresser and went inside, the interior, including the layout of the tables and chairs, seemed to have changed, which is a bit different from the scenery of a typical beauty salon. However, it is not too unique, and the bright interior is calm and comfortable. If you look around the store, you will find movie posters and figurines here and there.
 When I asked the hairdresser’s brother, the concept of the shop is “movie”, and the shop name “CANNES” was taken from CANNES of the Cannes Film Festival. Also, it just opened in December last year (2022).


 The interior of the store is unified with the concept of “movie”, and the blue image of “sea” is added there. The clock is blue, and the wooden table is covered with a light blue plastic cover, making it very stylish and unique.
“LEON” figurines and “PULP FICTION” mini-posters were displayed, and every time I found them, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “I miss you!” 

 In addition, the hairdresser also likes movies and art, so we had a lot of fun talking about movies and art while having our hair cleaned. She talked about movies and art so much that I thought it was the first time she had talked about such a favorite topic at the beauty salon.
I’ve loved movies for a long time, and I think I’ve seen a lot of them, but I think it’s the power of this store that I’ve been reminded of movies I saw more than 10 years ago one after another.
“Well, movies are really good, aren’t they?” (Haruo Mizuno)

A unique figure of each beauty salon staff. The small figure is a figure of the staff of Hataya’s shop “WEMVLEY”.


 The cut and perm were done more beautifully than I had hoped for, and I was very satisfied with the instructions on how to dry my hair and how to style it.
“Starting tomorrow morning, I’m going to do my styling exactly as the hairdresser taught me!”
“Thank you, hairdresser!”

HAIR SALON CANNES 1 minute walk from Sasazuka Station
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