[Sasazuka] BAP-Boun Appetito Papa-

お野菜と生パスタのお店 ボナペティートパパ 笹塚店 BLOG

 Thankfully, 80% of my work is telework, but to save money, I feel depressed if I only cook for myself, so I sometimes go out for lunch.
 One day in July, Tokyo on Earth is in the height of summer. I want to stay in a room with an air conditioner, but it’s unhealthy to stay in a room all the time. Well, I am a child of the sun, prepared to not be burned to death, so I put up my parasol and left the apartment at exactly noon.
 (*Everyone, please be careful not to get heatstroke. Please do not overdo it.)

 On this day, I went to “Boun Appetito Papa Sasazuka Branch” near Sasazuka Station. There is a shop on the second floor of a small building, at the end of the outside stairs.

お野菜と生パスタのお店 ボナペティートパパ 笹塚店


 I remember when I tried to enter this store once when various restrictions were strong due to Corona, but I gave up after seeing the line of people lined up at intervals.
 I wondered how it would be today, since it was past noon on a weekday, and I wondered if it would be crowded, so I looked inside the store and found it to be reasonably empty. Lucky. Come to think of it, this area is not a business district, so it might not be so crowded after noon on weekdays.

 I’m sure foodies don’t need a preface, so I uploaded a picture of the pasta and salad I ate that day!

Green Salad Carefully Selected by a Vegetable Sommelier -Homemade Vinaigrette with Apple Cider Vinegar-
Peperoncino of sardines and potherbs

  I ordered a peperoncino of sardines and potherb vegetables, and a green salad carefully selected by a vegetable sommelier – homemade vinaigrette with apple cider vinegar.
(*) Pasta alone 990 yen (tax included), salad and set 1100 yen (tax included)

 Even if you add salad, if it’s +110 yen, it’s definitely better to add salad! The quality and volume of salads that can be recommended with confidence! As expected, there is only a vegetable and fresh pasta shop. According to the shop’s website, it is a certified restaurant.
 By the way, vinaigrette is a so-called dressing that is a mixture of vinegar and oil, and the moderately sour vinaigrette brought out the natural deliciousness of the vegetables. And the beauty of the glossy vegetables with oil.

 Well, pasta is the main character. I chose peperoncino with true sardines because I am health conscious and try to eat fish rather than meat as much as possible.
 The season for true sardines is from June to October, and the sardines are at their best from early summer to autumn. I was very satisfied with the amount and taste of true sardines, and it was delicious with plenty of flavored vegetables and oil.

 I’m really happy to meet delicious and reasonable food when my appetite is withering in the heat.

 In addition to table seats, the clean and stylish store has counter seats, making it easy to enter with a group of people or by yourself.
 Next time, I’d like to visit for the stone oven pizza and Bonapapa dessert platter.

*Information is as of July 2023. Please check at the store when using.

Sasazuka Station 3-minute walk
Homegrown Vegetables and Fresh Pasta Bonappetito Papa Sasazuka | (buonappetitopapa.com)