[Setagaya] Beautiful blue and purple flowers Sunny day in April


 I wanted to upload the photos I took in real time, but I was still late. Today, I tried to post from the smartphone app.

 I like Hitori Saito’s words, “The earth is heaven.” This earth is filled with flowers and birdsong, the sky is blue, the sea is rich in water, and the mountains are bustling with green trees. Hitori Saito said, “I can’t help but feel like after I die, people will tell me that the place where you were is heaven.”

 You can think of the earth as a hell full of conflicts, but you can also think that the earth is so beautiful and rich, and that there are so many kind and warm people. Depending on how you perceive it, what actually happens will also change.

 The reason why I take a photo and post it on my blog is to reaffirm the beauty and richness of the place where I live. I also want people who visit this blog to become aware of the beautiful nature, people, and things around them.

 Around Tokyo on the earth, blue and purple flowers were blooming refreshingly on this day.