[Around Fukuoka on Earth vol.4] Cosmic flower? Forehead hydrangea


Here are some photos of hydrangea and saffronmodoki(Zephyranthes carinata) from Fukuoka. Photographed by KENRO, a photographer living in Fukuoka.

 Long stamens extend from the open florets of the forehead hydrangea. If you take a closer look at the photo, you might feel like you are in space because the flowers are blue.

Forehead hydrangea  Long stamens extend from the open florets of the forehead hydrangea.

 Hydrangea hydrangea is said to be derived from the fact that it looks like a picture frame because it blooms with large decorative flowers only around the entire inflorescence, which is a collection of small flowers.
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 The role of these large, conspicuous ornamental flowers (gaku) is to collect insects. Not only is she pretty, she’s a hard worker.
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Forehead hydrangea


Next is a vivid shocking pink saffronmodoki(Zephyranthes carinata).
It is a flower that has been cultivated for ornamental purposes, and it seems that there are areas where it grows wild in the warm regions of Japan. In the Amakusa region of Nagasaki Prefecture, it grows in colonies along the footpaths of paddy fields, and is said to have a beautiful appearance similar to that of amaryllidaceae.

Zephyranthes carinata

 The clusters of saffronmodoki must be spectacular. I would love to see such scenery.

If you are interested in the difference from saffron and the alias of saffronmodoki, please refer to the link below.
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