[Nakano] Arai Yakushi Baishōin


Today, I would like to introduce a photo of Shinseizan Baisho Inn taken by Mr Vincent,W., who became a friend via Instagram. Mr Vincent,W., who was born in California, came to Japan last summer, and perhaps because his mother is Japan, he has a deep admiration for Japan culture.
He sympathized with the purpose of this blog site, “Around Tokyo on Earth,” and provided the photo because he wanted everyone to know more about the beauty of Japan, and so hoped it will be useful.

A mysterious temple under a Hatoba-iro sky.

Official name: Shinseizan Baishōin Yakuoji

Cherry blossoms reflected like snow add to the atmosphere.

 Baishō-in is a temple of the Shingon sect Toyoyama school, and is also known as the medicine master of the eyes, with the Yakushi Ruriko Nyorai and Ruyiwa Kanseon Bodhisattva as their main deity.

 The name “Baishoin” comes from an anecdote that during the Eiroku period, a light shone from the treetops of the old plum trees in the temple garden, and a statue of one Buddha appeared from the inside.

One night, when he saw a light shining from the treetops of the old plum tree in front of the garden, he wondered, and the next day, when he asked the villagers, they all said that they had seen the same light, so when they looked at the plum tree, a statue of the two Buddhas appeared from the cavity of the treetops. When the members of the Nitta Ichimon clan, whose name is the same name, saw this, they learned that this Buddha was the right guardian of the Nitta family, and were impressed by the strange relationship and built Ichiu.
Source:Umeshoin auspicious|Araiyama Baishōin HP

 I see, the red light leaking from the depths of the temple, and the photographs can convey the mysterious power of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism!

 Baishoin also accepts Goma prayer requirements. Grateful fire burns out our disturbing emotions and cleanses us… 


 The world has become convenient. It seems that the esoteric Buddhist power that has continued since ancient times can be borrowed by applying for it from the Internet in modern times. If you are interested, please see from the link below!
Information on the Goma Prayer Method|Araiyama Baishōin HP

 Thank you, Mr Vincent,W., for the great photos!