[Illustration] ”Shining Autumn -Fruits and Flowers-“

輝く秋 ー果実と花々ー
『Shining Autumn -Fruits and Flowers』

“Shining Autumn -Fruits and Flowers-“

 The second installment of the light blue-haired 🧚 boy fairy series is “Autumn”. I drew 10 kinds of fruits and flowers in autumn.

China aster
Balloon flower
Leopard Plant
Green bristle grass
Garden Burnet
Japanese maple

 There were many other things I wanted to draw, such as “higanbana”, “chestnut”, and “persimmon”, but due to the restrictions of A4 size, I kept it like this. 

 By the way, the reason why Muscat is drawn in the illustration is because the Muscat cake I ate the other day left an impression on me. The sumptuous cake made of muscat and gold leaf was excellent in taste and appearance, and as I ate, I felt the autumn of appetite and the arrival of autumn of art.

贅沢にマスカットを使ったスウィーツ 表面には金箔がついている

 I learned that luxurious sweets not only fill your stomach, but also stimulate your creative drive.

 Autumn shines for everyone🥰🍂✨