[Roppongi] Roppongi Hills-Mohri Garden, etc.-

六本木ヒルズ 毛利庭園 BLOG

 One day in June, I felt the arrival of summer as early as a sweaty cheerfulness, and I wanted to walk in the shade of the trees, so I went to “Mohri Garden”.
 Worthy of the name Hills, Roppongi Hills towers so high that you want to look up, but when you go down to the second basement floor, you will find a historic Japan garden.

Roppongi Hills

 As soon as you get up to the elevator, you will see a huge spider Maman. Maman is a mother spider, and she holds a baby “egg” in her belly.
 The reason why it is a spider is that it is “a symbol of a place where people from all over the world gather and spin new information.”
Source:Public Art & Design | Roppongi Hills

 I see, and yes, a lot of people gather at the spider and pass by. On this day, I saw many people walking shoulder to shoulder in the sunlight.
 The coronavirus pandemic is becoming a thing of the past in earnest, and my impression was that there were overwhelmingly more people walking without masks. Of course, I was also able to walk with peace of mind without wearing a mask.
 There is a growing feeling that any disaster will calm down over time.

 Go down to the second basement floor and stroll through the Mohri Garden. A skyscraper stands in a huge heart!

Immediately after entering Mohri Garden


 The hydrangeas were in full bloom and swaying coolly around the pond.
 The Mohri Garden is beautiful with autumn leaves and cherry blossoms in spring.
 When autumn deepens, I want to go walking slowly again.