[Illustration] “Purple Dragon” – drawn in the image of the statue of the dragon king


 Happy New Year. Thank you for your continued support this year. We sincerely wish you all happiness and good health.

“Purple Dragon”

Illustration “Purple Dragon”

 This year’s New Year’s painting is the Year of the Dragon, so I worked on a dragon for the first time. It was inspired by the statue of the Dragon King of Sakara at Sensoji Temple. You can see a woman as the incarnation of a dragon, or you can see a man who was a woman’s lover becoming a dragon for some reason, and I want you to enjoy your imagination freely, but I wanted to depict them as one and the same.
 Also, since it is a New Year’s illustration, I wanted it to be something that invites happiness, so I included auspicious winter flowers.

◇ Ice Adonis: Inviting happiness
◇ Eranthis pinnatifida: Luster
◇ Dendrobium: Attraction
◇ Carnation: Pure Love
◇ Oxalis: Radiant Heart
◇ Jasmine: Quiet and obedient

Statue of the Dragon King

 I have been to Sensoji Temple many times, but this was the first time I walked around the temple grounds at night.
 During the day, I passed by the water house without paying attention to it, but that night, I was amazed at the beauty and dignity of the dragon god statue illuminated by the lights under the water house.
 It was a beautiful evening. There was a sacred air in the air, as if the gods and Buddha had escaped from the statue and were walking around in the darkness.

高村光雲作 沙竭羅竜王像(さからりゅうおうぞう)
Takamura Kounsaku Sara Ryū Ōzo

 Shagara-Ryuou [-Riyu Wau]【沙伽羅竜王/沙羯羅竜王】
One of the Eight Great Dragon Kings. The guardian deity of Buddhism. It is said that it lives in the sea and controls the water.
Quote from:What is Shagara Ryuoh? Meaning and usage – コトバンク (kotobank.jp)