[Omotesando] Goddess-like singing voice


 One day in July, I went to Omotesando for the first time in a long time.
 Before the pandemic, I had a favorite café and used to go out often. On days when there was an Aoyama Farmers’ Market, I was looking forward to buying vegetables and tea on my way home.

 Unfortunately, my favorite café had closed and had been replaced by Ginza Renoir.
 Nonetheless, Renoir seemed to be thriving because it was cozy in Renoir and there were people waiting for their seats. The coffee and cake were expensive, but they were delicious, and above all, I was happy to feel the hospitality in the care of the staff.

 When I was leaving Renoir and was about to leave without taking a detour, I came across a wonderful live band on the way to the station. This is the biggest harvestt of the day.
 Starring Citron Vert. Citron Vert means lime fruit in French.
 Listen to the refreshing and dynamic performance worthy of its name.

Ao Summer Live ~Featuring Citoron Vert~

 It’s not a perfect video because it was shot from among the people listening to the performance, but I hope it conveys some of the greatness of the performance and the charm of the band.

▼ The video below contains the entire final song “Mix”. (About three and a half minutes)

 It’s nice to see young people cheerful and surreal street live in front of Shinjuku stations, but I think it’s typical of Omotesando to hear violin performances and noble voices like goddesses. Omotesando is a city where you can encounter high-sense things and stimulate your sensibilities.

 Lately, I’ve noticed that the music is mostly Amazon Music or YouTuve videos, so I think I have to listen to it live once in a while. Of course, it is wonderful and grateful to be able to easily listen to famous songs and performances from all over the world on smartphones and computers, but live performances allow you to be directly bathed in the energy of the music and performers, and it resonates deeply in your soul.

 I was glad I went out today, so I went home. Corona is an old story, let’s stop staying home and go out into the city.

 Thank you, Citron Vert, for your wonderful performance!