[Setagaya] Greenway walk ~ Osmanthus and viburnum ~

金木犀の木と花 BLOG

 A fragrance unique to this season, osmanthus. One of the flower languages is “humble” because the flowers are small and modest in contrast to the sweet and gorgeous fragrance.

 There were a lot of seasonal products such as shampoo, body soap, and hand cream with the scent of osmanthus at the drugstore, but I bought a bath salt with the scent of osmanthus.

 The red fruit is probably Gamayumi. There are many trees that bear red fruits in autumn, and even if they are listed in the book at hand, there are “Pirakansa”, “Mayumi”, “Kuriganemochi”, “Umodoki”, “Nanakamado” and “Gamazumi”, and from the color and shape of the leaves, it seems to be “Gamazumi”.

 Beautiful autumn crowded with oranges and reds. It’s a short season, but I want to enjoy it.