About “Around Tokyo on Earth”

宇宙に浮かぶ青い地球 パグリックアート

Hello! I’m SOSIANRAY, a creator living in Setagaya, Tokyo.

 This site is run by a resident of Tokyo on earth (i.e., I, SOSIANRAY), and mainly focuses on public art found in the streets of Tokyo. I would also like to introduce photos of seasonal flowers that I encounter in the Setagaya area where I live, and wonderful shops I found in the city.

 When I take photographs, I am reminded that Tokyo is full of thoughts about the city, its people, and the people who love art. I am also one of the residents who loves the city, the art and the people who live there. I hope that visitors to this site will rediscover the art and beautiful scenery of the city of Tokyo, and become interested in art and unique things not only in Tokyo but also in the city where they live.

 And I sincerely hope that the future of the city where everyone lives will shine even brighter.

September 17, 2022 SOSIANRAY