[Around Fukuoka on Earth vol.6] Oniyuri(Tiger lily)

鬼百合 BLOG

 From around Fukuoka on the earth, a photo of Oniyuri was sent this time. The photo was taken by KENRO, a photographer living in Fukuoka.

Tiger lily

 The bright orange petals are summery, and it is a splendid demon lily. The shape of the petals that open downwards is also very beautiful.
 The language of flowers is “brilliant” and “cheerful”.

 Oni Yuri comes from the orange flowers that evoke the image of a red demon. In addition, the pattern of the flower is similar to that of a tiger, so it is called “Tiger lily” in English.
 There is also a name called “Tengaiyuri”, and if you are interested, we recommend that you read the article of the reference.

Referrer: Is there a scary flower language in “oni lily”? Introducing characteristics, how to grow, and varieties! | Oggi.jp
Bibliography 『Flower Language Hands』Rikuo Natsu