[Around Fukuoka on Earth vol.9] Manryo(Ardisia crenata)

植物の万両とお金の万両 BLOG

One day in February, a photo of Manryo(Ardisia crenata) was sent to me from around Fukuoka on the earth.


Manryo bears fruit on a red fluff. Manryo, which does not fall even when the fruit is ripe, is considered a good luck charm.
The language of flowers is “kotohogi”, “property”, “kinfukuya”, etc.

By the way, it is said that Manryo is called Manryo because it bears a lot of fruit that is larger than Senryo(Sarcandra glabra).
And there is a variety called “Treasure Boat” in Manryo, which bears large red fruits, and its large stock seems to grow vigorously.
Ten thousand cars, treasure ships. It’s a plant that boosts your luck.

I’ve been looking up things on the Internet and at home while looking at Obunsha’s “Outdoor Plant Encyclopedia” (probably more than 30 years old), but there are many trees with red fruits, so I can’t tell the difference between them even if I look at the photos. Am I the only one who is deaf to plants who think that Nanten and Manryo look the same? Holly used for Christmas decorations is easy to distinguish because of its unique jagged leaves.

When I looked it up, I found that the obvious difference between Manryo and Senryo is that Manryo bears fruit under the leaves, while Senryo bears fruit on the leaves.

Okay, that’s clear.

Upon further investigation, I learned that there are also Juryo(Ardisia japonica ). It is a plant that bears red fruits of the same family as Manryo (Senryo is a family of sendows).
As you can see from the fact that it comes in 10,000, 1,000, and 10, it is small in size and is often used by flower shops for small bonsai, moss balls, and planting.

If it was money, I would definitely want a lot of it, so it would definitely be 10,000 ryo(Manryo), but I thought that Juryo that could be easily displayed in my room were cute.