[Tokyo] Flickering Tokyo Night

東京駅 BLOG

 Tokyo in this article is Tokyo Station.

 One day in August, at an Italian restaurant in the Marunouchi Building. I was drinking a glass of white wine with olives on my empty stomach, and before I knew it, I was so inebriated that I was unconscious, and I caused trouble for my friend.
 I’ve never made a mistake at the drinking table, but I’m careless, I’m very careless. When I looked it up later, I realized that it was acute alcohol poisoning … My chest was pounding, my eyes were spinning, it was hard to breathe, I would vomit (I threw up well in the eco-bag I always had, so it wasn’t so dirty), and I was scared for the time being when I was drinking.
 Even now, there are incidents and accidents where students and new students are forced to drink ikki, but that is absolutely unacceptable. I thought it was close to death.
 Generous friend, I’m really sorry.

 On the way home from such a night, Tokyo was beautiful …

Tokyo Station Marunouchi

 In my drunken eyes, Tokyo was flickering beautifully. Tokyo is beautiful… Tokyo is beautiful … Tokyo Howtsukusi…. Pachiri on iPhone.
“Oh, you can afford to take pictures,” I heard a friend next to me say.
(Oh, I can take pictures, I can go back to my house, oh, hee)
 I wanted to say that because I was drunk, but my tongue tangled and I don’t remember if I could say it well.

 Tokyo Station often goes to Yaesu Exit, and it was also the first time to eat at Marunouchi Building.
 However, I got drunk unexpectedly and had to finish the night early, which was very disappointing.

 When it gets a little cooler, I’ll shoot beautiful Tokyo and eat some delicious sweets.
 It’s revenge!!